Postdoctoral Research

Two postdoctoral research stations have been established in our institution. We also signed a joint training agreement with over 30 enterprise postdoctoral working stations.

Since the year 1986, there are totally 427 post-doctors entered into our research stations and 293 of them have accomplished their research during this period. Now there are 112 post-doctors working in our institution. 19 post-doctors have won the second class project support of National Science Foundation for Post-doctoral Scientists of China, 4 have won the first class project support,4 have won the National Science Foundation for post doctoral special fund and 15 have won the project support for Post-doctoral Scientists of Shanghai.

In the year 2010, the postdoctoral scientific research station of Chemistry of our institution was named the “the excellent center for post-doctoral studies" of China. We also introduced and trained 7 international post-doctors though the “Youth Foreign Scientist Project” of CAS's international bureau and the post-doctors scholarship program of “CAS-TWAS”.