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SIMM Integrated Information Platform Launched for Trial Operation
Update time: 2010-04-13
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  The integrated management and operation of research data is critical in new drug research and development. In the past decade, such integrated information system received universal use in the field of pharmaceutical industry and many drug research and development organizations, whereas it is still in its infancy in China. Seeing this, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM) started to build an integrated information platform and has obtained preliminary results.

  Generation of a SIMM integrated information platform is part of the essential task of building a comprehensive drug R & D exploration technology platform, which is one of the research subjects of the “Eleventh Five-Year Planning” and “New drug Discovery and Innovation” specialized key projects of China. The SIMM integrated information platform specialized to drug research and development is comprised of Intelligence system, experiment management system under GRP (Good Research Practice) regulation, new drug application system under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) regulation and the standardized scientific workflowsystem, all of which are fundamental and supportive data integrated systems paving way for other platform construction. After one-year hard work, the platform construction has gained some preliminary results and part of the database has been launched for on-line test.

  The construction of the information platform received strong support from SIMM leader, project organization office and related SIMM research teams. To optimize the function design of the platform, the designing team communicated and exchanged ideas with research teams for several times so as to fully understand the requirement from each step of new drug research. Currently, they have completed the deployment of primary server system (first period) and Oracle Enterprise DBMS, the implementation, deployment and training of the Symyx ISIS (Integrated Scientific Information System), Symyx Assay Explorer biological data management system, Thomson Pharma R & D Intelligence System, Prous Integrity Medical Intelligence System, Pipeline Pilot (PP) scientific informatics platform, PP-based SIMM SDIIP (Scientific Data Integrated Information Platform), NeoSuite-ELN Electronic Lab Notebook system, NeoSuite-CMS Compound Management System and NeoSuite-CIMS Chemical Inventory Management System. The virtual drug screening system has been finished preliminary.

  The SIMM integrated information system enriched the "comprehensive technology platform" with new elements for integrated management of data. Simulating the technological data management mode of renowned international pharmaceutical companies, a data management and analysis system served to the "comprehensive technology platform" will be built enhance the overall efficiency of drug development through effective management and comprehensive utilization of data generated by each sub-platform in the process of drug research and development.

  (Source of News: Project organization office, Reported by Ting-ting CAI and Mr. Zifu HUANG @ the Research Team of Prof. Weiliang ZHU)

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