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Graduation ceremony for graduates of 2014 held in SIMM
Update time: 2014-06-28
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On June 28,  9 am,2014, as the smoothing and elegant music being played,the well-dressed graduates of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), CAS, accompanied by their mentors or fellows, walked along the red carpet slowly, and then signed their names on the signature wall, which surprised the attendance with their brilliant appearance.

This was the red carpet ceremony before the commencement ceremony for graduates of 2014 on going. 71 graduates who had completed their doctoral or master’s degrees would get their diploma on this ceremony. About 200 people, including academicians, institute leaders, mentors, and all the graduates with their parents or friends, witnessed this glorious and memorable moment, leaving an unforgettable remark on this institute’ history. 

Afterwards in the Chenggu Hall, the graduate commencement ceremony was presided by deputy director LI Jia. The ceremony officially began along with the solemn national anthem. During the newly established session for keynote speech, which was entitled 'Imprinting and Inheritance', an outstanding graduate representative as well as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor CHEN Kaixian took their turn made a speech. The later speech entitled 'Riding the Wind and Ploughing the Waves, to Set My Sail and Cross the Sea', which expressed Prof. CHEN’s deep affection towards this institute, and his ardent expectation towards these graduates.

Director Professor JIANG Hualiang made a speech entitled 'Love', which was commenced with love and affectionate all the way from beginning to the end. His speech was saturated with infinite love and reluctance to be part with these graduates. The wish 'I love you and love will always be with you' moved all the graduates present. Shortly after the keynote speech session, Professor ZHAO Qiang, LI Yi and JU Yuyue all sent their best wishes to the 2014 graduates.

In the end, as the magnificent Graduation Song being played, 62 graduates with their doctoral degree and 19 graduates with their master's degree came to the fore to accept the protocol of turning around the cap spikes, and took their graduation certificate solemnly from the director general of SIMM.

After the graduation ceremony, the office for graduate education offered the 2014 graduates carefully-prepared graduation album and video discs for the sake of the ceremony activities, which condensed words from the mentors, photos and messages of the graduates, and memorable moments of the ceremony, expecting to leave the most beautiful memories to these graduates.

Farewell, the graduates of 2014. From this very moment, we will always be looking forward to a reunion.

group photo for the graduates of 2014

Professor JIANG Hualiang with graduates

Girls are well dressed

Boys are so handsome

Professor GENG Meiyu with graduates

Graduates are walking on the red carpet

Professor LIU Hong with graduates

Professor Li Min with graduates


Professor LONG Yaqiu with graduates


A graduate with her parents on the red carpet

Deputy Director LI Jia is hosting the commencement ceremony

Academician CHEN Kaixian is making a speech


Director JIANG Hualiang is turning around the cap spikes for the graduates


The scene of graduation ceremony


The graduates of 2014  are on the campus

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