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The Distinguished Researcher Ma Jianxing of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica was Hired as an Overseas Review Expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Update time: 2015-07-02
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Recently, the distinguished researcher, Prof. Ma Jianxing,who is an expert in ophthalmology diseases, was hired as an overseas review expert of the year of 2015 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The system of overseas review experts established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to encourage excellent individuals who are studying abroad to return to China and serve their motherland. The system is designed to promote the introduction of overseas talents and intelligence, and the level of scientification and standardization of review activities, including the approval of projects, the review of talent projects, and the review of major project awards. The overseas experts must have profound academic attainments, strong international influence in their current disciplines, and already obtained at least associate professors or equivalent positions in famous overseas universities or scientific research institutions.

Brief Introduction of Prof. Ma Jianxing:

Ma Jianxing is a tenured professor of the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, the head of the department of physiology, a Laureate Distinguished Professor, a George Lynn Cross Distinguished Tenured Professor, the director of the Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence, and the research director of Diabetes Center. He has been engaged in teaching, scientific research, development of innovative drugs and management for nearly three decades, especially experienced in the pathogenesis and therapy of ophthalmology diseases, as well as the development of innovative drugs. He has obtained original achievements and 39 research grants with the total amount of more than 50 million dollars from National Institutes of Health(NIH) and other funds. With more than 170 publications on the journals including N Engl J Med, Neuron, PNAS, Diabetes, etc, he also served as the editor or deputy editor and the member of editorial board at four international journals, the member of review committees of 26 journals,and 14 foundations or institutions. Prof. Ma is also the winner of Research Career Development Award from National Science Foundation, and Regent's Award Superior Accomplished in Research. Supported by Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Prof. Ma Jianxing was selected as a member of the fourth Shanghai Thousand Talents Program in the year of 2015.

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