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SIMM receives apparatus donation from GlaxoSmithKline
Update time: 2018-05-16
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The signing ceremony between GlaxoSmithKline (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd. (GSK) and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIMM) was held at Haike Road site of SIMM in the morning of April 28, 2018.

Dr. LI Min, the senior vice president, global head of neuroscience therapeutic unit, general manager of R&D center (China), GSK., and Dr. JIANG Hualiang, the director general of SIMM signed the apparatus donation agreement.

“The donated biological and chemical research instruments are related to all aspects of drug development in the neuropsychiatric system, more than 570 sets in total, with the original value exceeding 170 million RMB Yuan”, said Dr. LI Jia, the deputy director general of SIMM, who presided over the signing ceremony.

In the ceremony, Dr. JIANG expressed his gratitude to GSK's strong support to the development of SIMM, appreciating its actively participating in new drug research and development as well as supporting the innovative drug development in China. He reviewed subsequently the solid foundation of collaborations between the two parties, further pointing out that this instrument donation would be a new starting point for future cooperation.

Dr. JIANG also said that SIMM plan to establish a Neuropharmacology Central Laboratory (NCL) in response to GSK's generous donation. The NCL will continue to serve the society and support new drug research in China. The donated facilities will provide shared services to surrounding enterprises and institutions to maximize the social benefits.

Meanwhile SIMM will explore more cooperation activities in academic exchanges, joint venture funds establishments, drug R&D projects and technology platform transfers, etc. The Institute will explore actively more possibilities for strategic cooperation with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies such as GSK.

Dr. LI Min said that GSK has always been committed to improving human's health and life quality, ultimately contributing to the development of society, and SIMM, as a long-standing national comprehensive innovative drug research institution, has made important contributions to the development of psychiatric drug therapies, and at present, also invented a number of new anti-neuropsychiatric drugs, which are in the clinical or preclinical stage of research. There are many new directions that both parties can work together.

According to Dr. LI Jia, SIMM has long-term experiences in the field of neuropsychiatric diseases drug development, which is a dominant discipline and key constructive direction for pharmaceuticals. The donation will further enhance SIMM’s capabilities in the field.

Dr. LI Min was addressing at the signing ceremony. (Image by CAI Hui)

Dr. JIANG Hualiang was addressing at the signing ceremony. (Image by CAI Hui)

Dr. JIANG Hualiang and Dr. LI Min signed the donation agreement on behalf of both parties. (Image by CAI Hui)

Signing ceremony at SIMM (Image by CAI Hui)

(Credit: Mao Qionglei)

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