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Late Prof. WANG Yiping Selected as the People Who Moved Shanghai in 2018
Update time: 2018-09-29
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On September 20, the late Prof. WANG Yiping from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences, received the award of “Glory with Power: People who moved Shanghai in 2018”.

CHEN Kaixian, chairman of the Shanghai Association of Science and Technology and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented the award to his wife, FANG Jie.

WANG was a doctoral supervisor and principle investigator at SIMM. He also was a committee member of SIMM Communist Party as well as the secretary of the general division of the Party.

WANG devoted his entire life to a long-term research on pharmacological and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular active compounds as well as the clinical development of cardiovascular drugs.

His outstanding work on the invention of the cardiovascular drug Danshen polyphenolate has made him a famous scientist in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology in China.

WANG had undertaken fundamental projects such as the "Innovative Medicine and Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Major Projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National 863 Special Program.

He won the second prize of the National Technology Invention, received the title of the National Model Worker, and the Shanghai Excellent Communist Party Member.

In 1993, WANG was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, however, he still fought on the front lines of scientific research and led his team to successfully develop modern Chinese medicine Danshen polyphenolate through 13 years, which is applied in more than 5,000 hospitals and has benefited more than 15 million patients.

On April 11, 2018, WANG who was only 55 years old, died of his illness in the line of duty. In July, the leading comrades of the Central Party Committee gave instructions to widely disseminate his exemplary deeds.

The statement of "People who moved Shanghai in 2018" to WANG is a glowing commendation:

"The great pioneer who gave his all - Wang Yiping"

With great love, selfless and fearless,

In the years of fighting disease,

With tenacious perseverance,

Receive the National Science and Technology Invention Award;

In the years of racing against time,

With superb scientific technology,

Develop novel drugs for the benefit of mankind;

In the battle for his life,

With a strong will,

Write a glorious chapter of his spiritual world;

Wang Yiping, a pioneering dreamer for new drugs,

With deliberate efforts and tenacity,

Dedicated his entire life to new drugs;

For the great dream,

Spare no efforts.

(Credti: ZHANG Hao; WANG Chen)

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