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Late Prof. WANG Yiping Granted “The Role Model of the Times” by Government
Update time: 2018-11-23
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The Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CCCPC) appraised the late Prof. WANG Yiping and granted him the title of Commurole model of the timese on November 16, 2018.

WANG was a doctoral supervisor and principle investigator at the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He stayed true to his original intention with life-long pursuing to relieve the Peopleliedisease.

The cardiovascular drug he discovered, Danshen polyphenolate, had benefited more than 20 million of patients. He finished the efficacy evaluation of more than 50 novel drugs and establishing an integrated platform and system for the cardiovascular drug research.

He was firm and persistent, hard-working and selfless. With tenacious perseverance and optimism, he had been fighting against disease for more than 25 years. He devoted himself to drug research and composed an impressive song of the striving for modernization of Chinese Traditional Medicine. In the spring of 2018, WANG died of his illness in the line of duty at the age of 55.

WANG先进事story attracted great attentions from all line of the society. Peoples, especially workers in the field of science and technologies, take Prof. WANG as the role model of scientists who was fostered by the Party and the country.

His moving story significantly showed his qualities of selfless and serving for other people, his spirit of seeking for truth and being serious about science, as well as his outstanding characters of being indifferent to fame and fortune and encouraging inferiors. He was the outstanding representative of workers in science and technology and the model of the times.

At the ceremony of monying representative of The representative from The Publicity Department of the CCCPC awarded the medal and the certificate of honor to WANGandwife. Some representatives from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai municipal party committee as well as WANG’s family and friends and representatives from all walks of life attended the ceremony.

(Credit: XUE Yaru)

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