Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM) started international education in 2013. Up to date, SIMM has recruited 39 international students, 13 Ph.D. students (4 are Master-Ph.D. students), 28 master students and 2 visiting students, who come from Singapore, Macedonia, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.
SIMM is authorized to confer master and doctorate degree of the first-level discipline in pharmaceutical sciences including medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutics and drug design. SIMM has launched the international master program in pharmaceutical science since 2016. The program aims to recruit the excellent international undergraduates to cultivate high-level pharmaceutical talents and to promote the international cooperation and high level education for pharmaceutical research between China and other countries.
The basic study duration of international master program is 3 years. All colleges are organizationally structured as either “College-Teaching and Research Sector” or “College-Department” educational bodies. For those who are excellent can apply for transferring to Ph.D. study in the third year.
International students who intend to study at SIMM could apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, The ANSO Scholarship for International Students and UCAS Scholarship for International Students.