Carbohydrate-Based Drug Research Center

The Carbohydrate-based Drug Research Center focuses on understanding the pathological basis of chronic and complex diseases and the development of innovative carbohydrate drugs. Our research uses exogenous sugar chains as probes to understand the pathological mechanisms of chronic and complex diseases, and to reveal functions of endogenous sugar chains in these processes, aiming to reveal new opportunities of carbohydrate drugs to treat chronic and complex diseases. Meanwhile, the center focuses on resolving key technical challenges of carbohydrate-based drug development, such as sugar chain structural analysis and in vivo metabolism of carbohydrate drugs. We take the initiative to build a world-class carbohydrate-based drug library and establish a multi-dimensional platform for the evaluation of carbohydrate-based bioactive compounds. With these efforts, we hope to foster the innovative discovery and development of carbohydrate-based therapies. The center has five research groups led by principle investigators. The center members have successfully launched the first oligosaccharide anti-Alzheimer's disease drug, GV-971, which was approved in China in 2019.