Ethnomedicine and Biofunctional Molecule Research Center

The Center for Ethnomedicine and Biofunctional Molecules Research (EBMR) is an interdisciplinary research unit of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM). The goal and mission of EBMR are to advance and support the research and discovery of natural biofunctional molecules based on ethnomedicine (including Traditional Chinese Medicine). Research activities include the discovery and characterization of biofunctional molecules,  related structural modification and SAR study, as well as total synthesis of valuable novel biofunctional molecules. Revolving around critical national needs and research trends of the institute, EBMR focuses on the frontier of disciplines and key scientific issues, with the current research goal of discovering drug leads and candidates for major diseases. The Center provides an open and highly collaborative interdisciplinary scientific environment, and advanced laboratory equipment. The researchers affiliated with the Center assemble as a top-tier scientific team and achieves a series of scientific achievements with international influence.
Director: Dr.YUE Jianmin 
Tel: +86 (21) 50806718