SIMM-SERVIER Joint Biopharmacy Laboratory

SIMM-SERVIER Joint Biopharmacy Lab mainly specializes in pharmacokinetics researches, especially early drug-like properties evaluation, drug metabolism and kinetics, and metabolomics studies. At present, platform on in vivo pharmacokinetics study, platform on  in vitro metabolism assays, platform on drug-drug interaction, platform on identification of metabolites, and platform on metabonomics study have been established, including pharmacokinetics study in rat and mouse, CYP inhibition study, CYP phenotype study, GSH capture reactive metabolites, Caco-2 permeability study, uptake and efflux transport study, solubility study, plasma stability, liver microsomes and hepatocyte stability, gastrointestinal tract stability, blood plasma distribution ratio, plasma protein binding rate, etc. SIMM-SERVIER Joint Biopharmacy Lab plays an important role in pharmacokinetics studies and technical supports for drug discovery.