Pharmaceutical Preparation Research Center

The Pharmaceutical Preparation Research Center comprises of 5 research groups including more than 50 diligent researchers such as 8 professors, 5 associate professors and 4 senior engineers. Notably, Prof. LI Yaping has been assigned as the Chief scientist of National 973 Program, three of them have been granted by the National Funds for Distinguished Young Youths. They could also be found in the Innovation group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Innovation team in  pharmaceutical key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology. 
The center is devoted to research of novel drug delivery system and advanced pharmaceutical technology. Over 400 papers have been published in journals like Sci Immunol, Adv Mater, Nat Commun, PNAS, etc, and two projects have been awarded the first of the Science and Technology Award of Pharmaceutical Association, China. Moreover, the center has constructed a sophisticated drug delivery platform to improve the therapeutic outcomes of drugs and drugability, which has resolved the drugable difficulties of more than 40 new drug candidates and has developed over 70 new drug preparations. Also, 14 products have been marketed and 30 new drugs have been evaluated in clinical trials.