Chemical Biology Research Center

Chemical biology combines the scientific ideas and methods of chemistry, biology and allied fields to understand and manipulate biological systems at the molecular level. Chemical biology also provides close collaborations to significantly promote drug discovery. The research in the Chemical Biology Center focuses on:

1) the development of new techniques in chemical biology and the application in drug discovery, such as the development of new mass spectrometry-based proteomics technologies and utilizations in discovering new biomarkers and therapeutic approaches, the design and synthesis of target focused DNA Encoded Library for drug discovery, the genetic incorporation of novel unnatural amino acids in living cells, and the discovery of novel bio-catalytic reactions and application in asymmetric organic synthesis;

2) the investigation of regulatory pathway and landscape of biological molecules and identification of novel modifications in diseases, and the development of chemical probes to intervene in these biomolecules and their interactions. These researches will provide biology studies with chemical devices and play a major role in identifying drug targets and lead compounds, and developing them toward the clinic application.