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  The department of medicinal chemistry specializes in the research and development of new small molecular chemical entities with independent intellectual property rights (IPRs). It also carries out systematic researches aiming at the basic theories and key techniques that are closely related to the research and development of new drugs. The main research fields include structural optimization of lead compounds, total synthesis of biologically active natural products, combinatorial chemistry, new techniques and methods for drug synthesis and cover antitumor drugs, antibacterials (oxazolidine antimicrobials, fluoroquinolone antimicrobials and carbapenem antimicrobials), antiviral drugs (anti-hepatitis B drugs, anti-HIV drugs), antimalarial agents, antidiabetics, anti-osteoporotic drugs, drugs for diseases of cardiovascular system and nervous system and immunological regulatory system and others. So far, it has developed several new drugs at the leading edge of new drug research in China. In recent years, it has acquired several drug candidates with independent IPRs by means of structural optimization. At present, a series of drug candidates are undergoing preclinical studies.  

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