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Bio-functionalized nanoparticles for overcoming multidrug resistance in cancer 2014-07-22
Three New 24-Nortriterpenoids from the Roots of Ilex asprella 2014-07-22
The discovery of a novel pyrrolizidine alkaloid, penibruguieramine A 2014-07-22
SIMM develops a NUMD for Exploring Transition Pathway and Free-Energy Profile of Large-Scale Protein Conformational Change 2014-07-22
SIMM obtained two crystal structures of human ALKBH2 mutant bound to duplex DNA 2014-07-20
SIMM identifies a novel ubiquitin-proteasome pathway inhibitor against multiple myeloma 2014-07-20
Identification and optimization of a series of natural product structure compounds as an allosteric AMPK activators 2014-07-20
SIMM identifies anilinopyrimidines as dual c-Met/VEGFR-2tyrosine kinase inhibitors 2014-07-20
SIMM identifies naphthamides as VEGFR-2 tyrosine kinase inhibitors 2014-07-20
Comprehensive profiling of lysine acetylome in Staphylococcus aureus 2014-07-18
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