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SIMM maps the crystal structure of a folate receptor, providing template for more effective anti-cancer drugs 2013-07-19
International collaboration unmasks 3D structure of a key drug target for diabetes 2013-07-18
Enzymatic mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus Clp Protease 2013-07-15
An activator binding site in the gating charge pathway of KCNQ2 channel 2013-06-27
A TCM compound found to enhance the antitumor effect of IFN-γ 2013-05-28
SIMM Identifies Novel Mechanism for Drug Selectivity 2013-05-07
A novel anti-cancer compound found to selectively induce tumor cell apoptosis 2013-04-12
A new method has been developed to profile the mixing and segregation of granules 2013-03-05
An FPR1 polymorphism site sensitive to cyclosporins identified by Chinese Scientists 2013-02-18
SIMM discovers novel PGC-1α regulator with beneficial effects on diabetic db/db mice 2013-01-04
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