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Lipids differentially regulate the activities of highly homologous proteins 2013-11-27
SIMM discovered novel AMPK allosteric activators with beneficial effects on diabetic mice 2013-10-31
Fluorogenic Probing of Specifi c Recognitions between Sugar Ligands and Glycoprotein Receptors on Cancer Cells by an Economic Graphene Nanocomposite 2013-05-17
Novel cell type-specific uncoupler CZ5 uncoupling mitochondria oxidative phosphorylation ameliorate diet induced obesity 2013-09-18
Shanghai Scientists Announce HIV Breakthrough 2013-09-16
Molecular Structure Reveals How HIV Infects Cells 2013-09-11
Latanoprost can effectively ameliorate glucose and lipid disorders in db/db and ob/ob mice 2013-09-09
TPN729 Gets Approval from CFDA for Clinical Trial 2013-08-19
Research Highlight:Channel gating pore: a new therapeutic target 2013-07-24
Synchrotron 3D method elucidates the controlled release mechanism of poorly soluble drugs 2013-07-24
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