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SIMM discovers new use of Aurintricarboxylic acid in autoimmune disease 2012-12-28
Tongji University and SIMM discover new drug target in MS 2012-12-14
SIMM explores a novel cationic core-shell liponanoparticles for ocular gene drug delivery 2012-11-26
Stress-mediated p38 activation promotes iPSC generation 2012-10-11
Combating tuberculos through collaboration among scientists from multiple countries 2012-07-02
Anti-epileptic drug VPA can be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis 2012-07-02
SIMM explores the activation mechanism of ErbB4 2012-04-26
SIMM develops a theoretical model for calculating voltage sensitivity of ion channels 2012-04-24
The first-in-class anti-HBV drug, isothiafludine, approved for clinical trial 2012-04-16
SIMM Receives funding from NIH 2012-03-21
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