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Substitution Pattern Reverses the Fluorescence Response of CoumarinGlycoligands upon Coordination with Silver (I) 2014-07-18
SIMM identified novel protein post-translational modification in metabolic disease 2014-07-18
Azoxystrobin, a mitochondrial Complex III Q site inhibitor, exerts beneficial metabolic effects in vivo and in vitro 2014-07-18
SIMM identifies novel antibacterial agents against multidrug resistant bacteria 2014-07-04
Advance of mechanism of microRNA in angiogenesis probed with polysaccharide 2014-06-16
SIMM identifies novel broad-spectrum triazole antifungal agents against azole-resistant strains 2014-06-04
Structure-based anti-inflammatory drug discovery:Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of VSG-22 as a new, safe and highly potent GR agonist 2014-05-09
Team Unveils Molecular Structures Key to Blood Clotting 2014-04-29
HSP90 inhibitor potentiates the activity of mTOR inhibitor against human breast cancer 2014-04-29
Nature Paper: Finding of Key Molecular Structure Paves Way for Antithrombotic Drug Development 2014-03-24
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